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Icon Bait Finesse System Rod


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The BFS or “Bait Finesse System” was designed specifically for ultra-light finesse fishing with baitcasting tackle. Cashion has taken their American-Made, scientifically superior touch and developed a line of Bait Finesse System Rods for anglers everywhere! The Cashion ICON BFS rods are designed with a light power and fast action tip, ideal for finesse fishing small baits around cover with the control that only a baitcasting rod can offer. These rods come equipped with micro guides that enhance casting distance and accuracy. The sensitivity of the ICON series is unmatched. The science behind the sensitivity starts with Cashion’s hand-rolled CR6r blank. The CR6r blank is rolled unidirectionally, ensuring that all fibers are running in the same direction, transmitting vibrations from the tip of your rod to the tips of your fingers. The hand-made carbon fiber / fiberglass grips are designed for a secure, dense grip for enhanced sensitivity to feel even the slightest tick on your line. It’s all about rod sensitivity when finesse fishing, and Cashion has perfected it down to the molecular level.

The CR6r BFS blanks are designed with a fast-action blank, which is different from most BFS rods that offer a moderate-fast action. The fast-action blank allows the blank to load near the tip, which provides more accurate casting and allows your bait to stay in the strike zone longer. In addition, the fast action provides more power higher up the blank, which is needed for light power blanks to control and help play fish.


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