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Icon John Crews Big Bait Rod


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Big baits are an entire category of baits. It includes 7” glide baits, 6 to 8” boot tail swim baits, 1 ounce spinnerbaits, oversized deep diving crankbaits like Strike King 10XD, and umbrella rigs. They all have their place to catch big bass.

To throw these baits, you need the right equipment. Let’s start with the rod. Cashion Rods let me design a rod exactly for these type baits. It is 7’10” and is called the Big Bait Rod. It has the right amount of power to throw these baits but moderate enough action to not rip hooks out of their mouth when fighting those big monsters. You will need a beefier reel than a normal 100 size baitcaster. I recommend between a 150 and 300 size reel. I use the Daiwa Zillion HD or the Daiwa Tatula 300 with this rod and these baits. Of course, don’t think about less than 18 pound line.


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