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Kayak Series Chattergrass Rod


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The CK Chattergrass has an action like no other blank Cashion has made.  The tip loads very fast and cast like a dream, but the tip is approximately 18” and then it turns to solid backbone.  The Chattergrass kayak fishing rod excels fishing around grass.  The tip doesn’t require a huge motion for casting because it loads so fast and the tip is soft enough to allow maximum action on your favorite Chatterbait to dart in and out of cover or grass.  The backbone paired with the tip allows for popping baits loose from grass and gives the bait a great action when popping loose or ripping out.  The Cashion CK Chattergrass kayak fishing rod is uniquely designed to fish transitions areas.  Especially the 7’4” length allows for maximum casting distance and taking up line on hook set.  Cashion Crew expert Kayak fishermen wanted microguides.  Microguides provide a great advantage for casting distance and sensitivity, in addition to durability.  The smaller foot print of microguides limit damage and provide a great performance advantage.  The Chattergrass fishing rod blank was designed for moving baits in transition areas to throw a variety of chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, rattle traps, etc.


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