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Kayak Series Flipping Rod


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The Cashion flipping rod blank feels great in your hand.  The flipping rod is counter weighted so the tip barely raises up when flipping into cover.  Even though the flipping rod is 7’6”, it doesn’t feel that big in your hand because of the pinpoint balance.  Once you feel a Cashion flipping rod you understand exactly what we are saying.  You can fish all day and it doesn’t fatigue your forearm or shoulder.  Cashion takes great pride in designing the carbon-fiber layout of the kayak flipping blank.  The precise carbon pattern design delivers noticeable comfort but rock solid power.  The Medium Heavy power is a very versatile flipping design and able to handle weights in excess of 1.5 oz.   The flipping medium heavy is different than the worm/jig medium because the blanks are built on two different mandrels.  Comparing a flipping medium heavy with a worm/jig medium heavy is comparing apples and oranges.  The flipping medium heavy has several more layers of carbon fiber and a thicker wall to support the power.  Although power is important the Cashion Kayak flipping rod has the perfect amount of tip.  The blank was designed to have a slight amount of tip for accuracy of casting and forgiving on power hooksets with braided fishing line.


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