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Kayak Series Shaky Head Rod


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Everything starts with the carbon fiber fishing rod blank.  Cashion designed ALL NEW blank actions specifically for the CK kayak fishing rod series.  New blanks were necessary to ensure the rods were perfect for kayak fishing.  The new kayak spinning rod blank is 7’2” with a reinforced tip that is fast loading but very responsive.  The reinforced tip in combination with the Medium Heavy backbone allow for lighting fast energy transfer on hook set.  Responsive hook sets are necessary on a kayak because the boat is usually not stationary and will drift with current, wind, or pulled toward your hook set.  The responsive kayak spinning rod blank doesn’t absorb the energy into the blank but transfers the hookset power into the line for hook penetration.  The kayak spinning rod blank was designed for versatility to throw a variety of single hook baits including: shaky heads, wacky rig, t-rig, smaller profile jigs, swimbaits, tubes, etc.  The 7’2” length and action of the blank both maximize casting distance.


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