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Kayak Series Worm and Jig Rod


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Sensitivity, balance, and power are the first things you will notice about the Cashion Kayak Worm Fishing Rod.  Worm and jig fishing are techniques that demand balance in a fishing rod.  When you fish a Texas-rigged worm, jig, Carolina-rig, football head, etc you always point the rod tip up.  The Cashion Kayak Worm Fishing Rod is counter balanced so it perfectly balances with a reel to slightly raise the tip up.  You can’t afford to fight a tip heavy worm rod all day.

Sensitivity is critical for worm and jig fishing.  Cashion takes extreme pride in designing rods that maximize sensitivity.  The details matter!  Sensitivity starts in the blank materials and Cashion understands how to maximize sensitivity at the molecular level.  Cashion utilizes a standard modulus carbon fiber to strike a balance between modulus and durability.  Standard modulus carbon fiber provides the sensitivity needed and durability required.  The Kayak Worm Fishing Rod was designed with Microguides to maximize sensitivity.  Microguide design allows for 11 guides on the worming rod, which provides more contact points for line to guide vibrations.  Once the vibration travels down the rod blank to your hand the blank exposed reel seat allows for direct blank contact and the dense Carbon Fiber grip feels like a shock wave in your hand.  Cashion carbon fiber /Fiberglass grips are dense durable materials that transmit vibrations.  The little details add up to make a very sensitive kayak worm fishing rod.


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